Our Difference

100% Customized for the rental industry

Each and every product designed and manufactured by MEF has been created with your needs in mind. The daily challenges of the event rental industry can wreak havoc on your inventory and make transportation tedious and labor intensive.

MEF furniture structures are built using stainless steel frames that are lightweight yet solid to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Stainless steel that won’t peel or pit, and can also be re-polished
  • Upholstery can either be repaired or revived in-house with pre-sewn skins available for purchase, or seat and back cushions easily replaced without having to re-invest in frames or bases.
  • Furniture is designed to knock down, stack efficiently and be stored in custom cases, allowing it to fit through standard doors and elevators, while packing efficiently into trucks
  • Inventory modularly stacks into your warehouse, saving you space
  • No screws or tools are needed, making event setup and tear down faster than ever. Many items disassemble in mere seconds, without looking as if they were designed to be temporary
  • Surfaces on a variety of styles can be customized and personalized to maximize brand exposure and, in turn, maximize your revenue
  • Optional road cases with customized spacing for components

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Unique Qualities