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How long does it take to recuperate my investment?

Eliminate the guesswork, research and headaches. Purchasing from MEF is buying from the manufacturer direct. Increase your profit margins and pay for your investment in as few as 2 rentals and no more than 10 making this product range a very sound investment with incredible growth potential. With our volume of scale and exclusive designs, our products are competitively priced and have been proven to be more cost efficient than sourcing or manufacturing these items independently.

How do I introduce this product?

Be part of a growing network of professionals and avant-garde providers in the special event, trade show and hospitality industries. Whether you are a rental store, party or event planner, décor company, florist, DJ, trade show exhibit company, hotel or restaurant owner, this collection will rejuvenate your business.

How do I buy MEF products?

MEF works in two ways, click US in the menu bar for our warehouse in Miami where we keep a basic inventory of select items or FD for factory direct and better choice in variety and finish produced to order and shipped from our warehouse in China by full container to your door. 

Photographs, sample floor plans, 2D and 3D icons are available, in addition to design services to help get you started. Prior to investing in your own inventory or if you have an event that exceeds your capacity, short term rentals are available in North America and internationally from our sister company rental inventory or through our growing number of MEF dealers domestically and around the world. 

What if I need something that isn’t on the MEF product list? Can you customize to my needs?

With our production know how, manufacturing capabilities and sourcing network, we have the ability to customize and develop what you need for your market. Please contact your MEF representative to discuss what you’re looking for. If it exists, we will find it, if it can be made, we will make it!

How many people in my region will have the same product?

MEF understands your business and the challenges you face to stay original and competitive. Territorial exclusivity is available with certain minimums and yearly inventory replenishment.

What is the average turnaround time for an order?

MEF product is not mass-produced and is for the most part all hand made to our specifications. Depending on time of year and influx of orders, typical lead times range from 8-16 weeks in addition to transit time from the factory to your warehouse. If you have a specific event date that you are trying to meet, we will let you know in advance the available options.

Are the products hard to maintain/repair?

Our modular systems combine the latest trends in event design with functionality. Structures are made of polished stainless steel, which doesn’t peel, or pit like chromed or painted metal, and can be re-polished. Upholstered sofas and chairs are made with lightweight solid frames, most with upholstery that can easily be recovered with available pre-sewn shells in case of damage. Many items knock down in seconds without tools, have easily interchangeable parts and are offered with optional custom road cases. We carry inventory of spare parts such as sofa legs, pre-sewn shells, caps and feet for tables and spare springs and mechanisms. Benefit from our experience, design and manufacturing knowhow.

How do I clean my furniture?

Find our downloadable cleaning instructions for each material here:

Is there any training required?

MEF products work. We offer instructional videos and thorough customer support. Customers are welcome to visit our facility, work with our product and understand it inside out.

Why is your furniture better suited to events than other furniture?

MEF’s products are designed as a collection and made to coordinate and work with each other. We pride ourselves in offering individual elements, that when used together, create polished environments that reflect the occasion. The majority of our items are made to fit through standard size doors and elevators and pack properly in trucks. We understand the rental business because we are in the rental business. We know the problems you face and the needs you have. Our collection more than looks the part, it is thoughtfully built with quality materials designed to work for you. Never before has a modern collection been custom designed exclusively for this industry.

Who’s behind Modern Event Furniture?

Visit our sister companies at: Luxe Modern Rentals,Pink & Brown,Charles Kay Design, and Event Graphics.

Is there a PDF download of your catalogue?

Yes. Click here to download the complete MEF 2019 catalogue. 

Where can I find your privacy policy?

Please click here to have a look at our privacy policy.

Partnerships and franchising

Partnership and franchising opportunities are available in specific markets. Please contact us at to discuss options and possibilities.