B2B Rental Furniture

The event rental industry has undergone significant changes in the past decade. Rental inventories that were traditionally stocked exclusively with Chiavari chairs, folding tables and crisp linens longed for what was next. MEF joined the revolution early on as the arrival of modern furniture slowly began to infiltrate the rental industry.

While many competitors jumped on board most of their products never truly satisfied the market’s demand. Ordinary sofas, tables, bars and towers, synonymous with traditional modern furniture, never met the needs of the mobile, high-traffic event rental industry. Quality, modularity, materials and finish were missing from the equation.

MEF has spent years designing, perfecting and manufacturing furniture to simplify and survive industry professionals’ day-to-day demands while offering a sleek and polished look.

As one of the first entrants into the modern event furniture rental business over a decade ago we have experienced the first-hand challenges that come with moving bulky furniture multiple times per day. Through years of research and development, trial and error, and decades of experience in the furniture manufacturing and special events arenas, we have developed the most complete and versatile collection in the industry today.

We strive to provide a striking vision to something beyond the expected. Our attention to detail and passion create spectacular looking environments. At MEF, we are committed to surpassing your expectations and consistently introducing new styles, finishes and concepts in innovative rentals.

Our modular systems combine the latest trends in event design with the functionality your company requires. Benefit from our experience, design and manufacturing know-how.

What our clients say

MEF Attributes

Did you know that MEF modular sofas come in over 27 colors and 19 shapes?

Road cases not only protect and organize equipment but also save space

Knock down furniture assembles in seconds without screws or tools

MEF furniture has been used at thousands of events on 5 continents

We are in the event rental business, so we understand your business

Did you know that our new Kincaid line is equipped with water resistant velvet?