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Does not require tools or loose screws. Mechanisms designed to assemble with hands only.
Products built on the same footprint allowing for flexible arrangements with different shapes.
Protect and maintain inventory without losing components. Cases are purpose-built to stack and fit through standard doorways.
Embedded, wired or wireless power through a stand-alone lithium ion battery pack or with cables.
Compatible with Borealis rechargeable battery-operated LED. Remote or smartphone app controllable.
Surfaces allow application of printed adhesive vinyl to customize. Colors, logos and graphics are easily applied with MEF low tack graphic media.
Liquid and stain resistant coating helps prevent soiling and extends the lifespan of the fabric.
Products that are light-weight and made to move easily with minimal effort.
Configured to easily assemble or drop-and-go for immediate use and rapid removal.
Non-plated stainless steel can be re-polished to regain a mirror-like finish.
Products with components that can be reused, swapped, or shared with other products.
Products that easily transform, or have built-in dual purpose, to accommodate needs


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